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Books and Other Print Sources

  • Bambra, Audrey and Muriel Webster (1972) Teaching Folk Dancing. B. T. Batsford Ltd.

  • Barclay, Les and Ian Jones (2015) Community Dances Manual. Revised Edition. English Folk Dance and Song Society.

  • Bonnice, Sherry (2003) Folk Dance. Mason Crest Publishers. 

  • Buckman, Peter (1978) Let’s Dance, Social Ballroom and Folk Dancing Penguin Books.

  • Casey, Betty (1981) International Folk Dancing USA. Doubleday and Company

  • Cavalier, Debbie (1966) Folk Dances of Latin America. World Dance Series. Warner Bros.

  • Cavalier, Debbie (1982) Folk Dances from Around the world. World Dance Series. Warner Bros Publication

  • Cavalier, Debbie (1994) Mexican Folk Dances. Warner Bros.

  • Cavalier, Debbie (1995) Canadian Folk Dances. World Dance Series. Warner Bros Publication

  • Harris, Jane, Anne Pittman, Marlys Waller (1994) Dance A While: Handbook for Folk Square Contra and Social Dance. Allyn and Bacon.

  • Kraus, Richard (1966) A pocket guide to Folk and Square Dances and Singing Games for the Elementary School. Prentice Hall 

  • Lane, Christy and Susan Langhout (1998) Multicultural Folk Dance Guide. Human Kinetics.

  • Lane, Christy and Susan Langhout (1998) Multicultural Folk Dance Guide Volume 2. Human Kinetics

  • Longden, Sanna and Phyllis Weikert (1998) Cultures and Styling in Dance. High Scope Educational Research Foundation

  • RSCDS (1982) Book 30, SCD for Children, 5 SCD for 1982, Book 31 (Pocket Edition). Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

  • Snodgrass, Mary Ellen (2016) The Encyclopedia of World Folk Dance. Rowan and Littlefield.

  • Weikert, Phyllis (1997) Teaching Folk Dance. Highscope Foundation.

  • Weikert, Phyllis (2003) Teaching Movement and Dance, 5th edition. High Scope Educational Foundation.

There are many other print sources listed at

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